mobiFinance upgrade 1.2.0

We are happy to announce a new update of our finance application for mobile devices. The main features in this update are summarized below:

  • It has been added Spanish and Turkish translations. The configured language is detected in the device to choose the correct translation with fall back to English.
  • It includes alphabet to speed up searching in Payee's maintainer. It works the same as the alphabet already in place for List of payees.
  • Improvement of input of amounts thanks to a new feature to choose positive/negative values using a button instead of using the keypad. When value is Zero or empty, this button is set to the most common type of entrance (income/expense) in each particular case.
  • Quit option has been included in "More.." menu. It will help quitting the application for some Symbian models without the hang up button.

We specially thanks Oytun Eren and the Turkish Community of Maemo/MeeGo for the Turkish translation to make mobiFinance localized in this region.
Many hours of hard work from developers and translators were spent in this release. We hope the results are appreciated.

Feel free to make comments, bug reports and suggestions in our forums.



Easier to use! Particularly, I enjoyed positive/negative option and the possibility of quit in "more" menu.

When possible, please don't forget adding the option of limit of times in Schedule.

So, congratulations and thanks!


I am loving the application! it took me a couple of hours to get accustomed to it.. but now its butter smooth! love the option to budget and track through reports and charts.. option to do transfer transactions is a blessing in disguise! i feel more in control now with my finances.. awesome work guys!i didnt think twice before buying it :)

btw.. a few suggestions:

-the exit button can be placed on the main screen itself instead of digging into a couple of options to exit

- a feature can be added to trigger alarms on certain user-defined limits on accounts/transactions..

- you can even provide an option to link the app with an external well-known website (e.g., or to update the currency rate at intervals chosen by the user..

- you can add a feature to automatically calculate and update interest amounts on closing balances for savings/deposits, ofcourse with user defined options for period and rate.. 

probably a little too much to ask for :p

but hey! already a lovely app that it is, with more improvements, it can be a diamond in an accountants pocket.. let alone a layman! :) cheers!