Upgrading from Silver to Gold on My Nokia E7


I have been using the silver version of mobiFinance for a while now and today I tried to install the Gold version which I paid for in Nokia store.

The application tried it's best to install but failled to do so.

I Guess the problem is because I tried to install over the top of the silver version.

If I uninstall the silver version will I loose my data when I install the Gold version?

What should I do. The Nokia store has no instructions for upgrading from Silver to Gold.



Roger Knight

Installing a Gold version on top of a Silver version is not recommended.

It is important to understand that Silver version and Gold version works as two different applications. They are stored in two different locations in your device. Now, going further, mobiFinance (in Symbian devices) stores your data and binaries in the same private location, it means that if you uninstall the app, it will also remove all data in this location including your database.

It also means that, if you install the gold version, it will start with an empty database. Hence, you will need to copy your database from the silver location on to the gold location. But it won't be trivial, because this private location (c:/private/xxx) isn't accessible with common file managers.

If you just want to upgrade your current Silver version, you can purchase an activation code from our website. Look our FAQ pages.