Articles about new releases and upgrades.

mobiFinance is updated to 2.2.1

There is a minor update in mobiFinace, mainly to correct some usability problems with Samsung Galaxy phones.

In addition, there has been a correction to better support other locales. The immediate result is that entering numbers and amounts will be more natural. You will be using the correct decimal point indicated in your locale's configuration. Thanks to the feedback from Argentina.


Update available for Safebox and mobiFinance

There is a new release for both mobile apps: Safebox and mobiFinance.

They bring a new fresh look thanks to the updated Qt back-end. Additionally, in order to keep your data safer, it has been implemented a timeout to log out from your database after a period of inactivity.

Some bugs in relation to cloud storage were corrected and there is a general improvement in performance and responsiveness. If your application was showing a blank streen with the new Android 5.0, this is also corrected.


syncBackup release 1.1.5

There is a new release for syncBackup which has been ported to Qt5. No new features are included, but the base should be more solid as many bugs from the Qt back end have been corrected.
Additionally, this release is bringing Portuguese translation as part of the package thanks to Aderbal from the Brazilian community.


mobiFinance and Safebox version 2.1.0 includes OneDrive for cloud storage

The latest release of Safebox and mobiFinance is out bringing OneDrive as a brand new alternative to backup your database. At the same time UbuntuOne has been removed from the cloud storage options following the announcement for this service being shutting down.

As usual, various bugs have been corrected including a problem downloading your database from Google Drive.

The last updated version will be available in Google Play very soon.


Darhon Finance is updated to 1.4.0

Our finance application for desktop platform has been updated to version 1.4.0 bringing some additional features:


Version 2.0 for mobiFinance and Safebox now available for Android devices

Today we are releasing version 2.0 for mobiFinance and Safebox at the same time. Both apps come packed with exited new features to cover better your necessities.

Common features include:


mobiFinance & Safebox upgrade 1.3.0

We are providing an upgrade of our two mobile applications in order to improve security of your information. Your database is now protected using a random 128-key passphrase.

Additionally there are some reported bugs that have been fixed:



mobiFinance update 1.2.2

We are releasing an update for mobiFinance correcting a latency when changing status in a Transactions screen. When tapping on the Icon/Status area of any transaction, the status will change immediately correcting the long latency.

It will be specially useful when reconciling your accounts with your bank statement without having to edit each transaction in order to change the status icon.


syncBackup update 1.1.4

There is another update for syncBackup providing the following improvements:

  • SSH connections using a non standard port (other than port 22) are now reachable. SSH dialog includes 'port' as a configuration parameter.
  • Improvements were done to allow complex Include and Exclude rules.
  • Management of configuration file is improved.


syncBackup update 1.1.3 - Now available in Ubuntu Software Center

Minor corrections were done to syncBackup to be included in Ubuntu Software Center.
This is a convinient way to keep your application up to date if you use Ubuntu. All updates will now be automatically installed by the OS's update tool.

The only noticeable difference is a warning advise on the Running tab, showing the most important information about files that could be removed from the destination side according to the current configuration.


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