About Us

Darhon Software is focused to provide solutions for mobile and desktop devices supporting Qt framework. The actual range of targeted platforms directly depends on the wide and ever growing Qt ecosystem. 

The current scope for our distributions includes Android operating systems for mobile platforms and Linux operating systems for desktop platforms.

Development & Quality policies

Our quality policy is the constant searching of user satisfaction and improvement of procedures and results. The concept of quality has evolved and it has turned into a management style to create continuous improvements in the organization at all levels affecting people and processes.

Our objectives during the design & development process in order to produce highly qualified software are:

  • Satisfy the future users trying to understand, evaluate, define and manage theirs expectations.

  • Continuous improvement along the development cycle during planning, execution, revision and correction.

License Model

Darhon Software creates applications for different platforms using Qt libraries under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3.

The LGPL does permit users to license software programs that merely link with the LGPL licensed library under different license terms provided certain requirements are met. In essence this means that our software may be distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or under Proprietary License that dynamically link to the LGPL-licensed Qt libraries provided.

Regardless of the applying license agreement, our applications are available in any of two distributions: Paid and Free. The actual distribution will depend on the targeted platform. The same application may be a Free distribution in one platform and a Paid distribution in another one.