Backup and mirror your drives



Front-end for rsync provides a fast and extraordinarily copying tool. It offers the most common options that control its behavior and permit very flexible specification of the set of files to be copied.

Rsync is widely used for backups and mirroring and as an improved copy command for everyday use and syncBackup put on your hands its power with a simple user interface.


  • It takes advantage of the delta-transfer algorithm, which reduces the amount of data sent over the network by sending only the differences between the source files and the existing files in the destination.
  • It finds files that need to be transferred using a 'quick check' algorithm that looks for files that have changed in size or in last-modified time.
  • Save your settings, source and destination directories in a file to keep different profiles.
  • Exclude directories and/or files from your source to backup only the necessary data.
  • Configure group, owner and permissions for the destination files to keep the source ones or to be changed based on the default system configuration.
  • Recreate symlinks on the destination.
  • Configure to keep or override files on destination with modified time newer than source files.
  • Choose to keep the destination side an image of the source by deleting the files that aren't anymore in the source side.
  • Choose to delete any file or directory on the destination side that is marked as excluded from the source to be backed up.
  • Choose to skip creating files and directories that do not exist yet on the destination side.
  • Choose to skip updating files that already exist on the destination regardless the modification time.
  • Choose to copy directories from the source side recursively.
  • Choose to limit the size of the files to be transfered to the destination side.
  • There is an option to run the application in trial version to analyze the changes to be applied before running the real process.